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I should be working on my homework right now...

Eeeyah. I have two large mosquito bites. They hurt real bad. Fucking mosquitos....

I just finshied watching Elfen Lied episode one...WOW. That's such a good/angsty/emo show. It's sad. ;_; I can't wait to finish the series!
Poor Nyuu-chan/Lucy. I think that there wasn't so much nekkid Nyuu-chan/Lucy, I'd buy the DVDs. But, I dun't think my mom would appreciate the fact that half the show has Nekkid Nyuu-chan/Lucy. D: I like the ending song, though.... Pretty. :D

But, yeah, I usually don't post my fanfictions online, but I made this emo-y Hagaren FF about what Elysia did after Hughes died. DX ..I haven't done something Hagaren related in forever. o_O

Title: Hug from Heaven (DX I didn't know what else to use)
Author: OMG Fr0steh
Genre: Drama
Rating:PG for people dying. Oh noes.
Spoilers: If you haven't seen episode 25.

I remember the day my daddy, Maes Hughes, was killed I had no idea what was going on. All I knew was that daddy was missing and mommy was miserable. I knew that daddy loved us both very much, and I was positive he was coming back. I was wrong. And it took alot more than words for me to understand that....

"Mommy, who were those men? Were they bad?" I remember a four-year-old me asking as my mommy, Glacier Hughes, tucked me in. "Why were they doing that to daddy? Is he coming back?" My mom sat on my bed and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. "S-sweetie," she said in a shaky voice, "Daddy's...gone...He's not coming back." "B-But daddy told me that he'd come back! He never lies! But, how can he come back if he's un-" I stopped when I saw tears streaming down my mom's cheeks. "...Elysia...Go to sleep. We'll talk about this in the morning." She said quietly and kissed me good night.

After mommy shut the door, I disobeyed and stood awake. *Daddy...You always told mommy and me that you loved us and would never leave us...So why is mommy saying that you're gone and won't come back?* I snuggled close to the teddy bear that Onee-chan had bought me. *I don't believe her. I don't want to believe her. Because you said that we mean the world to you, right?*

After about 10 minutes, I started to drift off to sleep, when I heard noises. Sobbing, maybe, coming from the kitchen. Out of curiosity, I got up and walked down the hallway, towards the kitchen. The sounds grew louder as I approached the room. *Huh? Mommy...?* I slowly opened the door and found my mom sitting at the table with a picture of daddy on it. She had one hand on her forehead and was sobbing uncontrollably.

I couldn't take it anymore.

I stepped into the kitchen and yelled in a shrill voice, "Mommy! Daddy will come back,okay? So, please, stop crying!" I thought what I had said would cheer her up. But, once again, I was wrong. It just made her cry even more. "Elysia, honey...please..just go back to bed." My mom sniffled. I obeyed silently and trudged slowly towards my room. I crawled under the sheets and stared at the ceiling. *What was going on? I daddy really not coming back...?*

The answers didn't come.

After about twenty minutes, I fell into an endless sleep...

In my dream, I was walking in a pitch-black room. No walls. No light. Nothing. I couldn't even see my own hands! Not knowing what else to do, I began to run. My feet pounded on the ground, but no sound was coming out. I was scared. I slipped on the floor and fell on my stomach. I put my face in my hands and began to cry. *I'm scared. I'm so scared. me!*


I gasped when I heard a voice call out my name. It wasn't harsh. It was soft and kind. "Elysia..It's me, don't worry." I looked up and saw my daddy standing there. "Eh? D-Daddy...?" I stood up, "Daddy!!" I yelled and hugged him tightly. "Mommy said that you weren't coming back!" I said between sobs, "I knew she was wrong! I knew you'd never leave us!"

Daddy put a warm hand on my head, "Elysia..." His voice sounded so sad. I stopped hugging him and looked up at him. "Mommy's right.. I can't come back." I laughed nervously, "You're always acting so silly! Now, come on-"

"I wish I could, Elysia. I really wish I could go with you."

"What? So...You really don't love us?"

He bent down and hugged me tightly. "...That's not it. I love you both so much. And, if I could, I'd stay with you forever. But, it's not possible. Elysia, I'm so sorry." Tears began to stream down my cheeks.
I squeezed him.

"No! This...This isn't real! Daddy, please!"


His voice sounded so far away. I looked up at him and he was fading away. "W-wha-?" He hugged me even tighter. "..I love you so much, Elysia." nI gasped as he disappeared right before my eyes.

"No!!! Daddy!! Don't leave us here alone!!" I cried,



Even now, when I'm 81 years old, I can still hear you're voice telling me over and over again.

"I love you so much, Elysia"

I completely understand now. It wasn't your choice if you wanted to stay or not. Nor was it mommy's choice, who died 29 years ago. I guess that right now, it's not my choice, either. I feel weak. I can feel myself slowely slipping away from this world.

I summoned up all the strength I had left and picked up the photo sitting by my bed. It was of me, Daddy, and Mommy together at the park. A single tear found it's way down my face. We were once such a happy family. Enjoying every moment together. My grip on the photograph loosened, and my eyes shut slowly.

*Maybe...Just...Maybe...We can be that happy family again.... In heaven....*


Waaaagh. I know, I made Elysia die, but, despite that, I had fun! =D

Aaaaagh. My Tio Omar just said I look like Alien from Alien versus Predator. Bastard.

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